Why Your Company Needs GDI’s Services

Sound corporate governance and operational due-diligence will help you avoid costly mistakes like Enron and Quaker Oats:

Enron’s Board Room Failure By The Numbers:

  • Enron’s stock price at its January 2001 peak: $83
  • Enron’s stock price at last NYSE close: 67 cents
  • Shares outstanding: 754.3 million
  • Total shareholder value lost: $63,101,519,000

Quaker Oats’ Merger & Acquisition Failure By The Numbers:

  • Quaker Oats acquired Snapple for a purchase price of $1.7 billion
  • … despite warnings that they were overpaying by $1 billion
  • In just 27 months, Quaker Oats sold Snapple to a holding company for a mere $300 million
  • Quaker Oats lost $1.6 million for each day it owned Snapple

About GDI Owner & Investor Services Practice

GDI’s Owner & Investor Services Practice provides professional services that focus on increasing shareholder value by delivering exemplary corporate governance, sophisticated operational due-diligence and valuation enhancement services. We primarily work in manufacturing and distribution industries.

We help our clients build effective Boards of Directors, provide Directors with appropriate governance tools, training and coaching; and evaluate their ability to govern effectively. We demand integrity, expertise and professionalism from Board members and we emphasize sustainable growth in shareholder value as a primary goal of the Board.

We also execute comprehensive operational due-diligence analysis prior and post acquisition for our clients. Finally, we help them understand precisely how to increase their enterprise valuation by defining specific ways to generate more cash from a company’s suite of gross assets.

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Our Services

Working in concert with other GDI practices, GDI’s Owner & Investor Services Practice focuses on THREE specific disciplines. We help you to improve the productivity, professionalism, and risk oversight capabilities of your Board of Directors by:


Assisting public and private manufacturing and distribution companies to establish, strengthen and reconfigure Boards of Directors and various Board committees. We also sit on Boards of Directors, always bringing strong operational and economic perspectives to the governance process.



Normally working for an acquirer, we often execute comprehensive operational analyses prior and post acquisition. Many of our operational due-diligence assignments have resulted in significant changes in the acquisition scope, price and terms for the acquiring company.



Helping manufacturing and distrubtion clients to understand precisely how to increase enterprise valuation by defining specific ways to generate more cash from a company’s suite of gross assets is what we do best. We can help you find ways to increase your company’s sale price.


Our job is to significantly increase the value of your business through improved governance practices. We have completed numerous projects for private equity investors, individual investors, business owners, corporations and activist shareholders. 

Benefits of GDI’s Services


  • Improve the Productivity & Professionalism of Your Board… Unambiguous Results!
  • The Value of Your Business Will Increase With Solid Governance.


  • Get the RIGHT Directors, the First Time!
  • Informed & Unbiased Advice.
  • Governance Will Finally Work the Way It Should.
  • Untangle Family Dynamics From Sound Business Practices.
  • Manage Shareholder Discord.


  • Train Business Owners & Directors in Wealth-Building Governance Skills.
  • Bring a New Level of Expertise To Your Company.
  • Know What You are Buying – Operational Due-Diligence.


  • Strengthen the Business To Grow.
  • Strengthen the Business In Anticipation of a Generational Transfer.
  • Prepare the Business For Sale and/or Merger.

Let’s Work Together

We work as a single united team and we are ready to make a difference in your organization.


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