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Alan G. Dunn serves as President of GDI Consulting & Training Company and is the founding sponsor of GDI Talent Acquisition Practice. Prior to GDI, Alan was Vice President of Gemini Consulting and a partner at Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers). Alan has extensive experience in most functions within manufacturing environments from the boardroom to the storeroom.

In addition to his 35 plus years of technical and management consulting experience, Alan serves on numerous for-profit and non-profit Board of Directors, including being Chairman for APICS (2015), the world’s leading professional association for end-to-end supply chain professionals. Alan is a world recognized speaker who regularly presents executive workshops at California Institute of Technology’s Center for Technology Management (CTME) and the Manufacturing Executive Institute (MEI).

Our Strengths


  • Comprehensive Knowledge of Finance, Accounting & Business Operations.
  • Experts in Business Valuation Principles & Value Enhancement Techniques.
  • Experts at Family Business Dynamics.
  • Expert at Resolving Conflicts of Interests, Boardroom Disputes & Director Conflicts.


  • Extensive Hands-On Governance Experience in the Boardroom:
    • Numerous Public & Private Companies.
    • Diverse Industries.
  • Substantial Experience In Strategy Formulation.
  • Decades of Professional Fiduciary Experience.
  • Substantial Experience in Recruiting High-Performance Directors.


  • National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) 2007 Director of the Year Award.
  • Recognized Thought Leaders on Executive Performance Metrics & Compensation.
  • Frequent Speakers, Authors & Educators in Corporate Governance & Related Disciplines.


  • Demonstrated Ability to Identify & Recruit the Best Directors.
  • Alliance With an Exemplary Network of Governance Support & Related Professionals.


  • Track Record of Sustained Shareholder Value Enhancements Driven By Better Governance.
  • Millions of Dollars of Value Increase.
  • Trusted by Shareholders.