Three Governance Service Offerings

1.  Creating (or rebuilding) the Board of Directors.

Creating, Structuring & Organizing Effective Boards of Directors:

  1. Define a “Common Reference Description” for Board Members.
  2. Identification of Board of Directors Expertise Requirements.
  3. Development of Shareholders Expectations of Board Members.
  4. Creating an Effective Chairman of the Board:
    1. Identification of Expertise Requirements of an Effective Chairman.
    2. Development of Shareholders’ Expectations of the Chairman.

Identification & Development of Effective Board Committees:

  1. Structuring Effective Standing & Ad Hoc Committees.
  2. Selecting Committee Members & Defining Expectations.
  3. Building Results-Focused Committee Processes.

Recruiting Capable Board Members

Preparing Board Members for Effective Governance:

  1. Training the Effective Board.
  2. “On-Boarding” New Board Members.
  3. Developing a Board Consensus on the Shareholder’s Definition of “Value.”

Provide Ongoing Coaching & Governance Assistance to Board Members

2.  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Boards, Directors, & Committees.

Objective Evaluation of Board Members & Chairman Capabilities:

  1. Evaluation of Demonstrated Abilities of Individual Board Members in Governance Activities & Processes.
  2. Evaluations of Conflicts of Interest.
  3. Evaluation of Chairman’s Leadership Skills.

Objective Evaluation of the Board’s Collective Capabilities:

  1. Evaluation of Board Dynamics… How the Board Works as a Team.
  2. Evaluation of the Board’s Ability to Address Critical Strategic Issues.
  3. Evaluation of the Board’s Deliberative Process.
  4. Evaluation of How Effectively the Board Converts Deliberation Into Action.
  5. Evaluation of the Board’s Relationship With Management.

Evaluation of Standing & Ad Hoc Committees’ Performance & Effectiveness:

Evaluating Board Practices:

  1. Evaluation of Board Meeting Preparation.
  2. Evaluation of Board Documentation, Including Agendas, Financial Statements, Resolutions, Minutes, Management Reports & Paper Trail.
  3. Evaluation of Board & Committee Meeting Conduct.

Evaluation of the Board’s Processes for Assessing Business Risks

3.  Building Effective Board Processes & Practices.

Building Effective Roles for Board Members:

  1. Identifying & Prioritizing Critical Enterprise Level Issues Facing the Board.
  2. Building a Results-Oriented Process for Moving From Board Deliberations to Action Items.
  3. Professional Conduct in the Boardroom.
  4. Resolving Conflicts & Disputes Between Directors.
  5. Building & Implementing Board Self-Evaluation Processes.

Board Meeting Preparations:

  1. Building Effective Agendas.
  2. Managing Board & Committee Meeting Schedules.
  3. Creating Effective Board Reporting Packages.
  4. Board Documentation Distribution Methods & Security.
  5. Designing Insightful Management Presentations to the Board.

Board Legal Issues:

  1. Managing the Governance “Paper Trail.”
  2. The Role of Counsel in the Boardroom.
  3. Defining & Ensuring Confidentiality.

Company Performance Oversight – Metrics & Compensation:

  1. Building Appropriate Metrics for The Board.
  2. Building Aligned Performance Metrics for Management.
  3. Building Behavior-Shaping Executive Compensation Systems.
  4. Evaluating the CEO & Senior Management.

Operational Due-Diligence Service Offerings

We can help Private Equity firms make better, more informed decisions by providing expert evaluation of target companies:

  • Pre-investment due diligence; offer an “operational due diligence.”
  • Identify key performance issues and metrics for the target company; drill down into details and not rely on traditional, superficial metrics.
  • Evaluate the efficiency and quality of manufacturing and distribution operations. Identify opportunities for improvement and items that may require further study.
  • Identify opportunities to improve worker safety and reduce operating risks.
  • Assess professional competencies and personal qualities of senior management team members, and make recommendations for training to fill knowledge gaps or changes to executive team.
  • Build competency models for key executives; consult on compensation also.
  • Contribute to the strategic plan that will build long term value.
  • Improvement recommendations.

Valuation Enhancement Service Offerings

GDI’s Owner & Investor Services Practice provides professional services that focus on increasing shareholder value by delivering exemplary corporate governance, sophisticated operational due-diligence and valuation enhancement services. We primarily work in manufacturing and distribution industries.

We help our clients build effective Boards of Directors, provide Directors with appropriate governance tools, training and coaching; and evaluate their ability to govern effectively. We demand integrity, expertise and professionalism from Board members and we emphasize sustainable growth in shareholder value as a primary goal of the Board.

We also execute comprehensive operational due-diligence analysis prior and post acquisition for our clients. Finally, we help them understand precisely how to increase their enterprise valuation by defining specific ways to generate more cash from a company’s suite of gross assets.

Post-Acquisition Services

GDI Consulting & Training Company

For all your Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Consulting Needs!

GDI Supplier Assessment Practice

For all your Comprehensive Supplier Performance & Risk Assessment Needs!

GDI Talent Acquisition Practice

For all your Management & Leadership Talent Acquisition Needs!

Manufacturing Executive Institute

For all your Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Training Needs!

Tools & Methodologies

  1. Director Effectiveness:
    1. Director Training:
      1. Board of Directors “Boot Camp.”
      2. Building Aligned Performance Metrics & Compensation Systems.
      3. Conducting Effective Board Meetings.
      4. Board Preparation Basics.
    2. Director Effectiveness Tools:
      1. Director Self-Assessment Instrument.
      2. Board Effectiveness Assessment Methodology.
      3. New Director On-Boarding Methodology.
      4. Director Resource Library.
  2. Board Meeting Effectiveness Tools:
    1. Standard Meeting Agenda Templates.
    2. Standard Minutes Templates.
    3. Standard Board Reporting Packages.
    4. Board Action Item Management Tools.
    5. Secure Board Distribution Tools.
  3. Governance Resources:
    1. Prospective Director Network.
    2. Professional Resources for the Board & Shareholders.
  • Our proprietary Integrative Manufacturing Enterprise Evaluation Methodologysm. This methodology provides a structured framework for evaluating all corners of a manufacturing enterprise. Organization issues, technical competencies and behavioral processes are evaluated in every function that normally exists in a manufacturing enterprise. This methodology supports several of our service offerings. The methodology is “integrative” because it has been specifically designed from day one to be easily modified to support unique engagement requirements.
  • Our proprietary Organization Culture Surveysm. This survey methodology provides a framework for evaluating the mission, vision and values that ultimately drive individual and collective behavior in any organization. We have utilized this methodology many times when working to understand the “personality” of a company.
  • Our proprietary Owners Homework Modelsm. This model provides an interesting framework for owners of companies to construct their business strategy. Because it is designed to look at business from an owner’s perspective, in contrast to a professional manager’s perspective, this methodology has been mostly used in family owned businesses. We do however believe this model can have much wider applicability.

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